The Istituto per la Ricostruzione del Castello di Chucco-Zucco (Institute for the Reconstruction of Chucco-Zucco Castle) organises activities related to the reconstruction and promotion of the Cucagna Castle in Faedis, and of similar castles.
The Cucagna Castle is a place open to research and experimentation of alternative and ancient lifestyles, activities, building techniques, in order to stimulate a reflection on the present days. Cucagna brings us to evaluate the past to go more aware towards the future.
The Institute organises seminars, exhibitions and conferences; promotes research and publications on issues such as: the recovery and enhancement of ancient construction technologies, or medieval culture and history.

The Institute, in collaboration with foreign schools and universities, has trained more than a thousand participants from 37 European and non-European countries.
In more than 30 years the Institute has managed to turn a ruin into a dynamic site, where scientific, cultural and recreational activities take place, making use of local resources.
The castle of Cucagna annually hosts religious, cultural and educational happenings, welcoming experts, scholars and medieval and contemporary culture enthusiasts.